IELTS Cue Card: Nói về phương tiện đi lại bạn muốn sở hữu

IELTS speaking part 2 – IELTS Cue Card chủ đề: Describe a vehicle you would like to own or something expensive you would like to buy(Nói về phương tiện đi lại bạn muốn sở hữu)

cue card trong ielts speaking part 2

Bạn nên tập trung vào những ý sau đây:

  • What it is?(phương tiên đó/thứ đó là gì )
  • Why do you want to own it?(tại sao bạn lại muốn sở hữu nó)
  • When are you going to buy it?(khi nào bạn quyết định đi mua nó)

ielts cue card trong ielts speaking part 2

Câu trả lời mẫu:

Regarding the fact that I am crazy about exploring the spaces, I have to say if I was a billionaire and had an enormous amount of money, I would probably buy a spaceship for my own exploration adventures. The main reason accounting for this intention is that ever since I was a kid, I have always held a strong yearning for becoming an astronaut. Therefore, having my own personal spacecraft would give me the opportunity to fulfill my childhood’s dream. There is a myriad of purposes for my spacecraft, one of them is that I would use my spacecraft to visit other planets in the outer space and maybe one day I could find a habitable place for people. This certainly would be a great discovery for human being especially when The Earth is currently flooded by trash and contaminants. In addition, since photography is one of my hobbies, it would be fantastic to take pictures of different celestial bodies from the space. Although this may sound crazy, I think with remarkableinnovations in science, a spacecraft would become affordable for people in the years to come.

Từ vựng:

  • Regarding to (exp): about
  • crazy about (tính từ): like something very much
  • Enormous (tính từ): huge, very large
  • Account for (động từ): explain
  • Yearning (danh từ): a feeling of intense longing for something
  • Fulfill (động từ): to complete, to achieve
  • A myriad of something (exp): a huge number/ amount of something
  • Habitable (tính từ): suitable or good enough to live
  • Contaminant (danh từ): pollutants
  • Celestial (tính từ): positioned or relating to the sky
  • Remarkable (tính từ): striking, worthy of attention
  • Affordable (tính từ): inexpensive, reasonably priced.

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