IELTS speaking cue card: Miêu tả lại 1 người bạn từng gặp mà bạn ấn tượng

IELTS speaking 2 cue card chủ đề: Describe a person who you have met and want to know more about (miêu tả lại 1 người bạn từng gặp mà bạn muốn tìm hiểu thêm)

cue card trong ielts speaking part 2

Bạn nên tập trung trả lời những ý sau:

  • Who this person is?
  • When and where you met?
  • What you did or talked about?

Câu trả lời mẫu
I’m going to talk about an acquaintance who I’ve recently met at my local English club. His name’s Dave and he’s about the same age as me, I mean… most people would agree that he looks quite young for his age, I think it’s mainly due to his hairstyle.

Dave has recently completed his postgraduate degree at Melbourne University in Australia and he’s currently looking for a job in Vietnam, well, he told me that he would like to become an IELTS teacher, despite the fact that he holds an MBA, I guess teaching English has always been one of his
I have to say that I don’t know him really well, because we only had a few brief conversations at the local English club, but he seems like a fascinating person that I would like to get to know better in the future.

Anyway, when it comes to his personality….
Honestly, as I’ve said earlier, we’ve only had a few brief conversations, so I don’t know him really well…However, I would guess that he’s a very friendly and approachable individual, in fact, he actually made an effort to break the ice because I was just too shy to strike up a conversation.

Well, in terms of the core reasons why I think we could get along quite well…
Firstly, we are both passionate about English, actually, he had just scored a band 8 in his IELTS test and it would be great if he could give me all the advice that I need to be at the same level. Secondly, I’m also planning to study abroad in Australia, so he would be the ideal person to lead me
in the right direction, you know., like…enrolling into the right course, getting a part-time job and so on.

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