IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Mô tả một quảng cáo bạn đã thấy

IELTS speaking – IELTS Cue Card chủ đề: Mô tả một quảng cáo bạn đã thấy / nghe nói gần đây(Describe an advertisement you have seen/heard recently)

cue card trong ielts speaking part 2

Bạn nên tập trung vào những ý chính sau đây:

  • Bạn nhìn vào lúc nào và ở đâu?
  • Thứ gì hay sự kiện gì được quảng cáo
  • Nội dung của quảng cáo có gì?
  • Bạn cảm thấy thế nào khi xem quảng cáo đó

ielts cue card Describe An Advertisement

Câu trả lời mẫu:

We have been bombarded with an array of information every single day. Whether it is newspaper, television or social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, news always has their own way to reach us. One of the most frequent pieces of news I have encountered these past few days was about Echelon Vietnam 2016 – Discover Asia’s Next Dragon.

As an avid Facebook user, I scroll down my newsfeeds board practically every 30 minutes to stay abreast of every latest action within my social network. Admittedly, there are some better things I can do but I just can’t help myself. Therefore, the fact that Echelon Vietnam 2016 repeatedly popped up on my newsfeed really caught my attention. Some of my friends were already “interested” in Echelon official page, others were even “going”. It piqued my interest so much that I paid a visit to their website to figure out what their gig was. As far as I am concerned, Echelon Vietnam 2016 this November is a 2-day international technology and investment event for entrepreneurs and business leaders within and outside Vietnam. It is appealing not only to big tech companies but tech savvy individuals as well. The event aims to reach out to foreign investors, raising funding opportunities and developing the tech and startup community in Vietnam in the era where tech disruptions are leading almost every industry. With some of the most brilliant and world-class speakers, attendees are going to get some food for thought and inspiration during and after the event.

I personally believe that this could be a golden opportunity for Vietnam to shine as a promising land where young and talented engineers, developers and entrepreneurs are thriving non-stop toward a better future, a better life within Vietnam and beyond. If I am able to schedule my time and afford the tickets, I will definitely be there to enjoy the vibe and explore many potentials in this rising industry.

Từ vựng và cụm từ hữu ích

  • be bombarded with: bị tấn công (với quá nhiều thông tin, phê bình …)
  • stay abreast of: cập nhật thường xuyên
  • pique someone’s interest: để khơi dậy sự quan tâm; để khơi dậy sự tò mò
  • pay a visit to: thăm một nơi nào đó
  • what one’s gig is (informal): những gì là đặc biệt, thú vị … về một cái gì đó
  • tech savvy (a): sự am hiểu về công nghẹ cao
  • food for thought: vấn đề cần được xem xét
  • vibe (n): rung cảm(tâm trạng hay bầu không khí được tạo ra bởi 1 người, 1 thứ nào đó hay 1 địa điểm)
  • tech disruptions: sáng kiến mới nhất trong công nghệ

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