IELTS Speaking Cue Card: Nói về 1 đất nước bạn đã tới

IELTS speaking – IELTS Cue Card chủ đề: Describe a country you have visited(Nói về một đất nước mà bạn đã tới)

cue card trong ielts speaking part 2

Bạn nên tập trung vào những ý sau:

  • Where is this country?(Nước đó ở đâu)
  • When did you visit it?(Bạn tới đó khi vào lúc nào)
  • What were the interesting things about this country?(Những điều thú vị về đất nước đó là gì? )

ielts speaking ielts cue card ielts_vietnam

Câu trả lời mẫu:

I suppose I should begin by highlighting the point of where this country is. In actual fact, the countries that I have visited so far can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Among those, India is the one that truly amazed me by many factors. India has a very long history, the country is very big and has the second largest population in the world. For me, one of the most interesting places in India is The Ganges River, which is well – known as the longest and holiest river in India. While most rivers around the world are for recreation or sports, the Ganges has many other functions. As the Indians believe, that the river is holy, people come here to pray and wash themselves in its water. The other thing that often impresses tourist is the unique architect of Hindu temples all over India and visitors can enter at any time. The temples are usually immense and have antique statutes that are thousands of years old. Visitors are also welcome to eat and sleep in the temples at night if they have no place to go. After all, I have to say that paying this beautiful country the second visit in future is one of the prioritized items on my bucket list.

Từ vựng:

  • Highlight (động từ): để chọn ra và nhấn mạnh
  • Count on the fingers of one hand (thành ngữ): để thể hiện rằng thứ đó là rất khan hiếm
  • Amaze (động từ): bất ngờ một người nào đó 
  • Recreation (danh từ): sự giải trí
  • Holy (tính từ): Linh thiêng(thuộc về tôn giáo)
  • Immense (tính từ): rất lớn
  • Antique (tính từ): cũ, xưa, cổ
  • Pay a visit (cụm từ): chuyến thăm,
  • Prioritize (động từ): đối xử với một cái gì đó là quan trọng hơn những thứ khác(ưu tiên)

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