IELTS speaking cue card: Nói về bộ phim yêu thích nhất của bạn

IELTS speaking part 2 cue card chủ đề : Describe your favorite movie (Nói về bộ phim yêu thích nhất của bạn)

cue card trong ielts speaking part 2
Bạn nên tập trung vào những ý sau:

  • When and where you saw it
  • What type of film it was
  • What the film was about
  • And explain why it is your favorite film

Câu trả lời mẫu:
A film that I saw recently was called The Passion of the Christ. I was in my hometown when I saw it when it first came out a few years ago.
The film was about the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life on earth. It showed when he was in the garden before he was captured and brought before a trial all the way up to when he was crucified and rose up again from out of the grave. It was actually quite moving because the director, Mel Gibson, actually put his own money into making the picture, so he was able to just do it the way that he wanted it done. This movie caused quite an uproar when it was realised as some people really loved it and others hated it. It was in the news for a long time with a lot of debating going on over it. It ended up making quite a bit of money for Mel Gibson.
Everything about it was very beautiful, from the cinematography to the actual scenery. The acting was top-notch. I think the main actor deserved an Academy Award but anyway I enjoyed it very much. One of the hardest scenes for me to watch in the movie was where .Jesus gets whipped before he is crucified. It was so realistic and I had to hide my eyes.

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