IELTS speaking part 2 Cue Card 2017 chủ đề Cuộc hẹn quan trọng mà bạn đã nhỡ hẹn

IELTS speaking part 2 Cue Card 2017 chủ đề Cuộc hẹn quan trọng mà bạn đã nhỡ hẹn – A time you miss an appointment 

Bạn nên đọc: Cách làm Cue card hiệu quả trong IELTS Speaking part 2

cue card trong ielts speaking

Bạn nên tập trung trả lời những ý chính sau đây:

  • Đó là lúc nào?
  • Vì sao bạn lại lỡ hẹn?
  • Khi lỡ hẹn, bạn cảm thấy thế nào?
  • Chuyện gì xảy ra khi bạn lẽ hẹn?

Câu trả lời mẫu: 

I can describe myself as a well-organized person. However. I sometimes get late to reach my destination due to several external and internal factors. One such event when I was late in an appointment with my investors was a frustrating experience to me.

Since I was just knee high to a grass hopper, I had a burning desire to set up my own business. Therefore, when I was a senior student, with a view to being given financial support to run my start-up, I had a pivotal date with numerous investors. I highly appreciated that appointment; therefore, I had worked against the clock and buried myself in a mountain of workload, even I must burn the midnight oil to complete my project which would be shown to investors. When the day came, I felt dead tired. You know, I had to make every effort to get up but it was still late 20 minutes when I left my home. Unfortunately, the road suffered from intensive traffic congestion, which is a common scenario in my city. I failed to use different kinds of transport from bus to taxi to escape this crowd. Finally, I reached the location 1 hour later than my scheduled time. Honestly speaking, while the investors showed their sense of anger, I experienced the feeling of panic and I just presented my project with half a heart.

Obviously, I was rejected and I felt extremely disappointed. That was a painful experience to me, and since then I’ ve tried my best not to be late for any appointments ever again.

Từ vựng và cụm từ hữu ích

Well-organized (tính từ) having good organization; orderly and efficient

Knee high to a grass hopper (idiom) quá trẻ

Set up (cụm động từ) bắt đầu 1 công việc kinh doanh

With a view to doing something (cụm từ) Với hy vọng làm điều gì đó trong tương lai

Pivotal (tính từ) vô cùng quan trọng

Against the clock (cụm từ) trying very hard to finish something before a particular time

Burn the midnight oil (idiom) Làm việc cho đến rất muộn vào ban đêm

Dead tired (phrase) rất mệt mỏi

With half a heart (cụm từ) Chỉ với một ít sự nhiệt tình hoặc sự quan tâm

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