IELTS speaking part 2 Cue Card 2017: Nói về 1 việc mà bạn không đồng tình với bạn của mình

IELTS speaking part 2 Cue Card 2017 chủ đề:  Nói về 1 việc mà bạn không đồng tình với bạn của mình – A Disagreement You Had With A Friend

Có thể bạn quan tâm:

cue card trong ielts speaking

Bạn hãy tập trung trả lời những ý chính sau đây:

  • Người bạn nào mà bạn không đồng tình quan điểm
  • Bất đồng đó là gì?
  • Điều đó xảy ra thế nào?
  • Sự không đồng tình đó được giải quyết chưa?

ielts cue card speaking part 2 2017 topic A Disagreement You Had With A Friend


Today, I am going to share with you my experience I had as a member of a team/of the time when I disagreed with my friend.  As a student, I have to engage in a variety of teamwork projects. As a result, having disagreements with other team members is inevitable.

For topic “Describe an experience you had as a member of a team“:
We were supposed to gather a team of 3 to 4 people to work on a simulation project in our management class. The simulation worked like this: each group in our class would run a shoe production company on the internet. We had to make decisions as the simulation market changed and each group‟s performance would be compared weekly. At the end of the semester, we would have to prepare a presentation on our simulation project. – We decided to meet each other once a week to work on the project; sometimes we would discuss urgent matters over e-mails. Despite the fact that we were at daggers drawn many times, we successfully led our company to the 2nd place overall in our class, so that was not a bad effort.

For topic “Describe a disagreement that you had with a friend“:
If you have ever had a chance of working in a team to make a decision, you would know how difficult it was to make sure everyone was pulling together. Running a simulative company was not as easy as we thought. A wrong decision on pricing would significantly affect our profit. 3 of us fought for days on pricing decisions. My friends wanted our products to be sold at a premium while I preferred a medium price, targeting the mid-end market. After carefully reviewing the market itself as well as material prices, we weighed the costs and benefits of each price to come up with a final selling price. – From this experience, I learned that it was hard to persuade people with your subjective reasons. However, if your decision is backed up by sound numbers, it will be more convincing.

Cụm từ hữu ích:

simulation: [danh từ] tình huống mô phỏng, 1 dự án mà trong đó 1 tình huống được tạo ra nhưng không có thật. Dẫu sao, các điều kiện trong giả định gần giống với đời thực nhất. Ví dụ: In class, we studied a simulation on the computer of how dinosaurs used to live.

be at daggers drawn: [expression] hục hặc với nhau; sẵn sàng choảng nhau. Ví dụ: In the debate, the candidates for President were at daggers drawn over the question of economic policy.

pull together: [cụm động từ] làm việc cùng với những người khác trong một cách có tổ chức và không có xung đột. Ví dụ: If we all pull together, we will finish the work on time.

pricing: [danh từ] sự định giá, hành động quyết định xem 1 thứ nào đó đáng giá bao nhiêu. Ví dụ: The pricing policy of the supermarket was to offer a discount if you buy something in a large quantity.

at a premium: [expression] ở mức cao, nếu chúng ta nói về một mức giá cao, chúng tôi có nghĩa là một mức giá cao hơn bình thường. Ví dụ: Shares in the company are selling at a premium, because everyone thinks that the company will be very successful this year.

mid-end: [tính từ] Tôi muốn tiếp cận khách hàng, những người muốn những đôi giày giá trung bình và chất lượng. Ví dụ: Although the sales of expensive luxury cars and also cheap second-hand cars were falling, sales aimed at the mid-end market remained stable.

come up with: [cụm động từ] to find or produce an answer to a problem. Ví dụ: The government has come up with a plan to reduce pollution in the city.

subjective: [tính từ] based on your own ideas and opinions, not on facts. Ví dụ: Court decisions are based on evidence, not on the subjective opinion of the judge.

back up: [cụm động từ] to support. Ví dụ: His job application was backed up by a good reference from his previous employer.

sound numbers: [expression] reliable. Ví dụ: The sound numbers published by the government encouraged more people to invest in the country.

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